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World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day – annually on March 21st – is officially ratified by the United Nations. It allows communities around the world to recognize and celebrate contributions from people with Down syndrome.

Please meet Caitlyn, Store Owner and operator, now sock designer.

Ever since she was little, Caitlyn has used the phrase, "Get your sparkle on!" Despite being born with Down Syndrome, Caitlyn has never allowed it to tarnish her own inner sparkle or hold her back from leading a fulfilling life. Her family and those who meet her quickly realize that her extra chromosome is pure sparkle! 

In her community of Taber, Alberta, Caitlyn Hamilton owns a successful business called Caitlyn’s Corner Boutique where she sells baked goods, sweets, and handmade items created by herself as well as handmade items from other local artisans. The boutique began as a dream and came true with an offer of space in a local business and incredible community support. As a young entrepreneur, Caitlyn is involved in every aspect of her business from purchasing, creating, packaging, selling, and delivery of her quality products. Though her family does provide help with the business, Caitlyn is quick to remind them that she is in charge! In addition to running her own boutique, Caitlyn is an active volunteer in the community, has part-time employment, and enjoys working out, taking clay and art classes and horseback riding.

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Plainsbreaker began in 2017 over lunch and beers between two buddies, Troy Schmirler and Josh Collens. They both felt there was a need for mens fashion sock at an affordable price. They were tired of being forced to pay $15-$30 for cool socks that express their personality. They wanted to provide trendy, quality socks at a price the average person could afford.

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